Generac 5621 - Auxilliary Transfer Switch Contact

Generac 5621 - Auxilliary Transfer Switch Contact

Generac Generator Auxiliary Transfer Switch Contact Kit Description:

Overview:The Generac Auxiliary Transfer Switch Contact Kit is a crucial device that empowers your Generac generator and transfer switch to manage and control large electrical loads efficiently. This kit is particularly useful for homes equipped with electrical heating systems or multiple central air conditioning units.

Key Features:

  1. Load Management: This contact kit allows for the controlled interruption of the control wire for specific appliances. By doing so, it prevents these appliances from automatically turning on when the generator is in operation.
  2. Signal Interruption: When the Generac generator is activated, the contact kit interrupts the control wire's signal, effectively locking out the appliance from generator operation. This is essential to prevent overloading the generator.
  3. Installation Simplicity: To utilize this kit, a control wire must be run from the appliance to the transfer switch and connected to the contact. The installation process is straightforward and typically requires minimal technical expertise.
  4. Complete Disconnect: The contact kit ensures a complete disconnect of the control wire upon transfer. This means that during a power outage or generator operation, the appliance will not inadvertently activate.


  • Load Prioritization: With this kit, you can prioritize which appliances or electrical loads are allowed to operate on the generator. This is especially crucial if your generator has limited capacity.
  • Preventing Overloads: By interrupting the control wire, the kit helps prevent overloading the generator, ensuring that it operates within its specified limits.
  • Customized Control: The contact kit gives you control over specific appliances, allowing you to manage your power usage effectively during a power outage.


The Generac Auxiliary Transfer Switch Contact Kit is a practical and valuable addition to your Generac generator setup, particularly if you have large electrical loads or appliances that need careful management during power outages. It provides an effective means of load control and ensures that your generator operates safely and within its capacity. With this kit, you can customize your backup power system to meet your specific needs while safeguarding against overloads.


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