Generac 6328 - 30 Amp, NEMA L14-30 Generator Cord

Generac 6328 - 30 Amp, NEMA L14-30 Generator Cord

Generac Generator 25-Foot, 10-Gauge, 4-Wire Power Cord


  • This power cord is designed to serve as the connecting link between your Generac portable generator and the power inlet box or transfer switch.
  • It is a 4-wire cord, suitable for 125/250 V applications, providing the power needed to keep your generator running smoothly.

Key Features:

  1. Length: The cord measures 25 feet in length, offering flexibility in generator placement while ensuring a secure and safe connection to your power source.
  2. Wire Gauge: It features a 10-gauge wire, which is thick enough to handle the electrical load without overheating and ensures efficient power transfer.
  3. Compatibility: The plug end of the cord connects directly to your Generac generator, while the receptacle end connects to the power inlet box or transfer switch, making it a seamless and secure connection.
  4. All-Rubber Cord: The cord is constructed with high-quality rubber, ensuring flexibility and durability even in subzero temperatures. This feature is especially important for cold-weather operation, where the cord remains pliable and reliable.


  • Reliable Connection: This power cord is designed to provide a dependable and secure connection between your Generac generator and your home's electrical system.
  • Easy Setup: The plug and receptacle ends are user-friendly, making it easy to set up your generator quickly when needed.
  • Subzero Flexibility: The all-rubber cord remains flexible even in extremely cold temperatures, ensuring that you can use your Generac generator in subzero conditions without issues.

Conclusion:The Generac 25-foot, 10-gauge, 4-wire power cord is an essential accessory for your Generac generator setup. Whether you're connecting to a power inlet box or a transfer switch, this cord ensures a reliable and safe power transfer, even in challenging weather conditions.

It's essential to use high-quality accessories like this power cord to ensure the proper operation of your Generac generator and to maintain a safe and efficient backup power system for your home.


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