Generac Accessory Model 5619 - 4.6L - 80kW Extreme Cold Weather Kit

Generac Accessory Model 5619 - 4.6L - 80kW Extreme Cold Weather Kit

Generac Accessory Model 5619

5619 - 4.6L - 80kW Extreme Cold Weather Kit

Generac Generator Extreme Cold Weather Kits

Overview: Generac's Extreme Cold Weather Kits are designed to ensure that your Generac generator operates reliably in frigid temperatures. These kits include essential components and instructions for installation, enhancing the generator's performance and durability during extreme winter weather.

Key Features:

  1. Block Heater: The kit includes an appropriate block heater, which is essential for maintaining the engine's temperature in extremely cold conditions. This helps ensure that the generator starts smoothly when needed.
  2. Step-by-Step Installation Instructions: Detailed installation instructions are provided to guide users through the process. These instructions make it easier for generator owners or technicians to install the block heater correctly.
  3. Mounting Hardware: All necessary mounting hardware is included in the kit, eliminating the need for additional purchases or searches for compatible parts.


  • The Extreme Cold Weather Kit is designed to work in conjunction with the appropriate Cold Weather Kit. The Cold Weather Kit typically contains components like a battery warmer assembly to ensure the generator's battery remains operational in low temperatures.

Synthetic Oil Requirement:

  • As part of preparing the generator for extreme cold, it's crucial to replace the standard oil with the appropriate synthetic oil. Synthetic oil flows more smoothly in cold weather, reducing engine wear during startup.


  • Enhanced Cold Weather Performance: The kit ensures that your Generac generator can operate effectively in sub-zero temperatures, which is crucial during power outages caused by winter storms.
  • Improved Engine Warm-Up: The block heater helps maintain the engine's temperature, promoting faster warm-up and smoother starts.
  • Reliable Battery Operation: When used in conjunction with a Cold Weather Kit, the battery warmer assembly ensures the generator's battery remains operational, even in extreme cold.

Conclusion: Generac's Extreme Cold Weather Kits provide an extra degree of protection for your generator during harsh winter conditions. By including a block heater, detailed installation instructions, and all necessary mounting hardware, these kits make it easier to prepare your Generac generator for extreme cold weather, ensuring it's ready to provide backup power when needed.

For specific details on compatibility, installation, and available kits, it's advisable to refer to the official Generac website or contact Generac customer support or an authorized dealer for the most up-to-date information.


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