Generac Generator 7118 GP2200i Parallel Kit

Generac Generator 7118 GP2200i Parallel Kit

Generac Generator 7118 GP2200i Parallel Kit Description:

Overview:The Generac 7118 GP2200i Parallel Kit is an essential accessory for Generac generator owners, especially those with the GP2200i model. This kit allows you to expand the power output of your generator by connecting two GP2200i units in parallel, effectively doubling your available power supply.

Key Features:

  1. Parallel Capability: The kit is designed to facilitate parallel operation of two Generac GP2200i generators. This means you can connect two GP2200i units together to combine their power output for increased capacity.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The kit includes all the necessary components and clear instructions for easy setup. It simplifies the process of connecting the generators, ensuring a seamless and secure electrical connection.
  3. Enhanced Power Output: By connecting two GP2200i generators in parallel using this kit, you can achieve a higher power output, making it suitable for running more appliances or handling larger electrical loads during emergencies or outdoor activities.
  4. Compatibility: The parallel kit is specifically designed to work with the Generac GP2200i generator model, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.


  • Versatile Power: With the parallel kit, you can adapt your Generac GP2200i generator to meet your changing power needs, whether you're at home during a blackout or enjoying outdoor recreational activities like camping or tailgating.
  • Easy Installation: The kit includes everything you need to set up parallel operation quickly and efficiently. Even if you're not an electrical expert, the clear instructions make the process straightforward.
  • Reliable Performance: Generac is a trusted brand known for the reliability of its generators. Using the parallel kit with your GP2200i generators ensures consistent and dependable power.


The Generac 7118 GP2200i Parallel Kit is a valuable accessory for Generac generator owners, allowing them to harness the combined power of two GP2200i units. Whether you need extra power for backup during outages or want to run multiple devices in various settings, this kit provides a practical solution to meet your electrical needs. It's an excellent addition to your Generac generator setup, ensuring that you have reliable power when you need it most.


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